Beating The Post-Christmas Blues

So, Christmas is over and a brand new year is nearly upon us. Even though the festive period is fun-filled, after all the events are over, it can be really easy to find ourselves slipping in to a slump. With dark mornings,days that seem so much shorter, and the colder weather, sometimes it may seem that our spirits can't always be lifted. But don't let those pesky winter blues get to you. Here are some ideas to help maintain those positive vibes to pep us up as we head in to the new year.


Go On A Walk

Head on out and get some fresh air. It may seem the best option to stay all comfy and cosy, bundled up in your pjs, but it will be really beneficial to get some fresh air and dust off the cobwebs that may have been left collecting over a busy festive period. Gentle exercise will kick-start those endorphins, and if the sun is beaming down, this will instantly boost our serotonin levels. Plus, deciding to venture out can be a really good excuse to go and explore somewhere new, or take a well-deserved break in a cute cafe for tea and cake!

friends catch up

Make Time For Friends

If you have had a busy festive period with family, the new year is a great time to reconnect with friends. Whether it's a catch up with your bestie, or rekindling a friendship that you've really missed, pick up the phone, send a text, swing by a friend's house, or host a soiree and spend some time with the people who make you smile the most.

time for you

Take Time Out For You

Quality "me time" is definitely something we should try and set time aside for. From musing over a mug of hot chocolate, getting caught up with your favourite TV show, or doing some online window shopping, making sure that we are taking care of us in some way will give us the time to rest, recharge and relax that is definitely needed in the lead up to the new year.


Make A Happy Playlist

C'mon, hand up who secretly dances around the room to their favourite cheesy tunes when no-one is watching? Yep. Me too! Having a compilation of songs to hand that instantly make us happy is perfect for those moments we find ourselves getting bothered by the post-Christmas blues, especially if we can take those tunes on the go. Blast them out the speakers as you do your least favourite chore, switch them on during the morning commute, and, if you're really brave, grab a hairbrush and mouth along with the words, and throw in some dance moves too too! In no time you'll be starting to feel happier, (and like a rock star.)


A Cheeky Treat

We all deserve a treat sometimes, and having something on standby to enjoy when you really need to can really be a little pick-me-up. It could be a snack of choice to nibble, your favourite tipple, having ingredients in the fridge to whip up your favourite meal, or baking supplies for your go-to chocolate chip cookies. Something comforting to look forward to after a long day can definitely help you regain that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Check out some of our favourite winter meals here.


Buy Yourself A Bunch Of Your Favourite Flowers

When it's time for the Christmas tree to come down and wait patiently until next year, make sure you treat yourself to a big bunch of your favourite blooms to help make you feel better. Not only will this help you feel a bit more cheery once all the decorations are down, but it's a great way to bring some bright, fresh colours in to your home ready for Spring and a brand new season.

Do you have some top tips for keeping cheery after a busy festive period? Don't forget to share them with us!

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