Feathered Friend Fashion : Pretty Bird Print Dresses

We love a pretty print here at Lindy Bop but sometimes something a bit more unusual than a floral is required.


Lana blue cranes is a firm favourite and it's easy to see why, a beautiful twist on a bird print in a simple yet stunning shape.


Rockabilly Swallow print

For rockabilly girls, swooping swallows make a popular motif for tattoos and clothing. These two tops combine a variety of beautiful birds and look gorgeous with skirts, trousers and jeans.



The teeny tiny hummingbird is one of our favourites here at Lindy Bop, so we just had to feature it on on at least one print. The dainty print below is available on the adult Reena and the mini Daria so mums and little ones can match!




For a more striking style, choose the Ophelia humming bird print. We love the little green fella flitting amongst the tropical hibiscus flowers.


Swan print

The very name of the Leda dress below is inspired by the Greek myth of Leda and the swan, but the print was so good we just had to use it for more styles.




See the swan print Peggy skirt in motion!

Blue tits, cardinals and magpies - oh my!

If settling for just one type of bird is just too tricky, pick a print featuring a veritable flock. This one is so pretty, and the soft pink and midnight blue give two totally different looks.

peggy-vintage-1950s-coral-bird-full-circle-skirt-p792-9092_zoom  peggy-vintage-1950s-coral-bird-full-circle-skirt-p792-9094_zoom peggy-vintage-1950s-blue-bird-rock-n-roll-full-circle-skirt-p791-9091_zoompeggy-vintage-1950s-blue-bird-rock-n-roll-full-circle-skirt-p791-9089_zoom

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