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Cute Craft Ideas To Cosy Up Your Home

It's getting to that time of year again.  Mornings become darker, cool and crisp, and in the evenings all you want to do is snuggle down under a blanket in front of the fire, and warm up with a hot drinkIt's the perfect excuse to give your home a cute revamp, and bring in touches that sing of all things cosy. You could head out and find homeware that you can instantly add to your décor, but if you are feeling super-creative, and love getting crafty, here are some sweet ideas to add a seasonal touch to your home. With so many how-to guides out there to follow, you will find something to achieve the perfect ambience.

Image Source: Peaches and Dream

Image Source: Peaches and Dream

A Gorgeous Glow: If you're like me, and most nights have your favourite candle burning in the background, how about attempting your own leafy tealight-holder? With so many easy how-tos to follow out there, it's a great way to add a special seasonal something to burning your favourite scent. Think how much fun it'll be, bundling up warm and foraging for the most beautiful Autumn leaves. Watching the gorgeous glow the flickering flame creates will definitely add an instant cosy, snug feeling to your home, and help you relax after a long day.

Image Source: Big Wedding Tiny Budget

Image Source: Homedit

Feeling extra crafty? How about a candle holder decorated with twigs? Preparaing for this craft would be a great project to do with little ones,  Easy to achieve with a pair of seceteurs and some multi-purpose glue,the finished product is rustic, romantic, and certainly ties in with the time of year. Although do ensure that your candle sits far down from your don't want any setting alight!

Setting the atmosphere for a cosy night can be really simple to achieve. For those of us who are after a really quick and simple way to create that comforting glow, simply fill a clear mason jar with a string of your favourite fairy lights. Leave them as they are, or add additional Autumn-inspired items, like a handful of pinecones (washed and dried first of course,) or a bunch of your favourite artificial blooms. I've done this at home, and the finished effect is fantastic. Quick, simple, and candle free -particularly good if you have little ones.

Image Source: Crafty Sisters

Image Source: Crafty Sisters

Wreaths aren't just for those festive times. Celebrate all seasons with a homemade wreath. Keep is simple by sticking items to a cardboard base, or if you are nimble-fingered, you can thread and wind items around wire. But with so many Autumnal tones and colours to play with, placing a wreath in any part of your home will definitely help to bring all the prettiest parts of this time of year together, and become a fabulous art feature too. Opt for all-natural items, but if you'd like something that you can feature year after year, stock up on the art supplies, artificial vines and flowers, and create something completely bespoke and utterly beautiful.

Get the fire going, get yourself comfortable, and marvel at all your Autumn-inspired creations. They are a fast and fabulous way to cosy-up any home.

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