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Dress Your Star Sign - Scorpio

Before we begin, here's a little bit about Scorpios.

Scorpio: 23rd October - 22nd November

If you are a Scorpio, you may exude some of these traits. ย What do you think - are these insights right?

Strengths: Passionate, brave, loyal, stubborn

Weaknesses:ย Can be envious at times, stubborn (well it can work both ways,) can be prone to a temper!

Every morning I have the same dilemma as what I imagine many other women out there have....What am I going to wear today? It's a constant inner-battle, choosing which pretty little thing I'm going to strut my stuff in. This led me to thinking about the influence our star signs might have on our clothing choices. What colours are lucky? Which are the ones that we should gravitate towards, or on some subconscious level, already do. With the end of the month nearly upon us, and a new star sign about to step in, here are a few outfit ideas influenced the colour recommendations for Scorpio.

Scorpio ladies, which colours are you drawn to most? The colours most associated with your star sign are are rich red shades - burgundy, maroon and scarlet are the most common, with solid, bold colours like purple and black come in to play too.

Rock It In Red

Make heads turn, strutting your stuff in a wiggle dress. The bold red colour and sophisticated shape of this dress does all the talking. Perfect to rock for both daytime and nighttime looks.

Sweet & Chic

Opt for a simple and chic style in a solid colour swing dress. The added polka dot details adds a pretty feminine touch, and the style is perfect for twirling the night away.

Perfect In Purple

Not just for taking for a spin on the dance floor, swing dresses are great for flirty, feminine day looks too. Adding a pop of contrasting colour or print will really make your outfit stand out.

Tell us Scorpios - which one of these outfits would you rock? Do you agree with the colour suggestions and personality traits for your star sign?

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  1. Tala Daniela 15 December, 2015 at 16:43 Reply

    I am Scorpio and just adore that red wiggle dress which you recommended! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Love all your dresses soooo much!

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