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If there's one thing we know for certain, it's that florals are definitely not just for Spring. As we scroll through all the #LindyBopLove snaps submitted to our social media platforms by our lovely Lindy Boppers, we have noticed that no matter what the time of year, you all know how to rock the floral trend. So we've decided to showcase some of our favourite, fabulous Autumn-inspired floral looks. Cooler weather may be creeping in, but that doesn't mean you can't still showcase your most beautiful blooms.

Autumn Florals II

                 @saoirse_ibarguen wears: Ophelia Beige Floral                                                                           @notfaithorjoy wears: Peggy in Dark Blue Floral

Autumn Florals III

                                         @sparklyrach wears: Pippa                                                                                              @cassiemlambert9 wears: Vanessa in Blue Lily

Autumn Florals IV

                              @blackgirlvintage wears: Vivi in Water Garden                                                                      'Threes Harmony' wear: Assorted 'Vivi'

Showcasing a range of different, and utterly fabulous floral looks, these lovely Lindy Boppers show us exactly how to carry the floral trend from Summer through to Autumn. With simple accessories, your biggest smile, and the perfect pose, you can let these pretty prints do all the talking.

@saoirse_ibarguen @notfaithorjoy and @cassiemlambert9 chose simply yet stand-out accessories to pair with their florals. Block colour that complements colours in the fabric really help to finish off the look.

@blackgirlvintage @sparklyrachy and 'Threes Harmony' let their floral frocks do all the talking. All opting for our 'Vivi' dress, they look all set for any incoming chilly weather, and so super-stylish. If you are a fan of dresses with longer sleeves, then 'Vivi' is a great choice. And if you want to be extra cosy, you simply must check out Lindy Bop's range of knitwear

We really do love checking out all the photos of you rocking your favourite Lindy Bop looks. If you have been taking your favourite floral dress for a twirl, don't forget to showcase a snap a photo and use #LindyBopLove on Instagram.

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