Fancy Dress Ideas from Lindy Bop

Whether it's Halloween, News Years, a birthday, hen do or housewarming - we just love an excuse to get out the fancy dress!

You could hire something out, or do the DIY thing if you're that way inclined, but we think it's a perfectly legitimate reason to buy yourself a fabulous new dress. Well, you may as well spend your money on something you'll get more wear out of - right?

With the right accessories you really can put quite a twist on these Lindy Bop styles.


It's not just little girls that want to dress up as Disney princesses; this adult sized Cinderella dress is perfect for both twirling around a ballroom with your Prince Charming - and doing the Time Warp in the kitchen with a G&T.

Shop powder blue Candy dress>>

Shop faux fur collars>>


"Cruella DeVille, Cruella DeVille, if she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will!"

If you'd rather go as a baddie than a goodie, you can't go wrong with the glamour of Cruella. No dalmatians were harmed in the making of this look.

Shop Hazel black and white polka dot dress>>

Shop gloves>>



For an electrifying fancy dress outfit how about Sandy from Grease? Our Rizo jacket will give any goody two-shoes a tough gal edge  - and we can guarantee our new Bethan trousers will be comfortable than Olivia Newton-John's spray-on specials. Gotta leave room for party snacks.

Shop Rizo real leather jacket>>

Shop Bethan ankle grazer trousers>>

Shop black tops>>


Layer this blue gingham dress over a little white top and you've got the perfect Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz outfit. If you don't want to fork out for ruby slippers (although - why not?) you could just attack a cheap pair of courts with some glue and red glitter. Fluffy Toto optional but recommended 🙂

Shop Marlene gingham dress>


Own a little piece of fashion history with our take on the classic Marilyn Monroe white dress. It really needs very little else - especially if you're already blonde, making it an extra easy fancy dress outfit. Take care when walking over vents now.

Shop Marilyn dress>>


Go down the rabbit hole with this super cute Alice in Wonderland outfit. Switch out the apron and petticoat and you've got a versatile day dress you'll wear time and time again. Why not try teaming it with some of our new knitwear?

Shop Audrey pastel blue swing dress>>

Shop white petticoats>>


These polka dot dresses are perfect for Minnies both mini and grown up. Add a little black nose using eyeliner pencil and a pair of whopping false eyelashes for the ultimate Minnie Mouse look.

Shop Ophelia red polka dot dress>>

Shop Emmy kids' dress>>


Which is your fave outfit?

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