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Five Fun Gardens for the Non-Greenfingered

This Gardening Week you've all the reason you need to get out there and help get your garden gorgeous. It's that time of year when everything's growing, the blossom's on the trees and you may just find new shoots springing through of things you've never even knew you had in your garden. And, yes, probably a lot of weeds.

But not everyone is lucky enough to have their own garden, and even those that do may not have the time to get out there and keep on top of things. If you want to get your hands dirty and help your local community, why not try a spot of guerilla gardening or help out at your local park - look out for posters advertising planting or tidying up days. They're a great way to meet people too.

If you don't know one end of a spade from the other, there's still plenty you can do to enjoy a garden of your own.

So here are five fail-safe mini gardens even the decidedly non-green fingered can create and enjoy with minimal or no maintenance.


Herb garden

window box herb garden Source

What could be better than a garden you can eat? All it takes is a trip to the supermarket to buy your favourite potted herbs and a simple window box and you're ready to go.


Fairy garden

fairy gardenSource fairy door Source

Those with little Lindy Boppers, or just those that are young at heart will love the appeal of the fairy garden. They're fab because they can live indoors or outdoors, don't even need to contain any living plants and you can add more and more cute details over time. If you're not up to the challenge then a simple fairy door or window added to a tree, stump or even plant pot can be ready in moments yet delight visitors for years to come.


Sand garden

zen sand gardenSource mini sand garden Source

There's something incredibly soothing and zen-like about a full  size sand garden but not many of us would give up our lawns for one. A mini sand garden is lots of fun to make - it's a great activity to do with kids and even better, you can start again and redo it with new patterns any time you like. Shells make a lovely addition if you have collected any on your travels.



terrarium 2  Source         cactus planter

Terrariums are super trendy right now, from huge glass domes filled with all sorts of succulents to tiny hanging baubles holding just a single plant - and you can even buy them ready planted. We love it when tiny figurines are added too! If the glass container is too much of an investment, why not try a mini cactus garden by planting a selection of these cheap, cheerful (and hard to kill) plants in one large tub.


Aquatic garden

tiki themed fish tank Source spongebob fish tankSource

Gardens that don't grow can still be amazing to look at. If you've got a fish why not get creative with fish tank scenery? From sunken pirate ships and mermaids to ruined castles and sea monsters you can be as inventive as you like. We love the tiki themed tank - or why not go full Spongebob? 😉


Do you have any unusual gardens Lindy Boppers? xx


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