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Great Homemade Gift Ideas

Finding just the right present to give that someone special can sometimes be rather tricky. You want to make it personal, and have ideas floating around in your head that you just can't find anywhere. Instead of spending hours searching for the perfect gift to give, how about making something yourself? Not only is this a fun project to get your teeth stuck in to, but you can give something completely bespoke to the recipient. Here are some cute gift DIYs you might want to try.

Image Source: Uproot from Oregan

Image Source: Uproot from Oregan

Hot Chocolate Mix

Perfect for the chillier months, or for the chocoholics out of your friends, this is a really cute and super-easy gift to give. All you need is an empty (clean) jar, some cocoa powder or hot chocolate powder, a heap of marshmallows and/or sweet, chocolate-y alternatives. Layer the hot chocolate or cocoa powder in the bottom of the jar - either enough for one large mug of hot chocolate, or to share between two - then pop the marshmallows on top. For an extra treat, why not add a layer of chocolate chips before the marshmallows? When the hot milk is added, these will melt in the mixture and make it extra luxurious. Mmmm....delicious! 

PS: Don't know a hot chocolate fan? How about creating a cake or cookie mix jar instead?

Image Source: BBC goodfood

Image Source: BBC goodfood

The Gift Of Cake

Avid baker? Why not put those skills in to use and bake your own gift? This will definitely be a hit with all those foodies out there, especially if you know their favourite sweet treat. Cutesy it up and package your baked goods in a parcel tied up with a ribbon, or make up your own box and have fun decorating.

...Just don't forget to make an extra batch for you too so that you don't miss out!

Scrapbook/Memory Jar

This is a great gift idea for someone really special. What a perfect way to celebrate all your time together than with a scrapbook showcasing all your favourite snaps. Annotate with memories and funny inside jokes that will always crack a smile. Alternatively find an empty jar to fill with notes of all your best memories. Roll into tiny scroll shapes and tie with a ribbon. If your loved one is having a bad day, they can easily untie a scroll, and be reminded of a happy moment.

Button Initials

Great for a keepsake, and something that can be made easily from spare buttons that may be lying about, this would be a great gift for both children and grown ups alike. You could use a range of things for the base - pre-made 3D cardboard letters, thick card, or even canvas. Find plenty of spare buttons you don't mind sacrificing, or head down to your nearest crafty shop or haberdashery and stock up. Draw out lightly the shape of the initial you need, grab the glue, and get started. Add a frame to the finished product for an extra bit of pizzazz.

Get Arty

If you have creativity flowing through your veins, working on your very own arty gift is the ultimate personalised present. Whip out the sketching pencils, pour out some paints, or crack out the knitting needles. This is the perfect opportunity to tune in to what are your loved ones favourite things and create something really super special.

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