Honey I Shrunk the Food - Fab Things to Make in your Cupcake Tray

We've all made that joke about fun size chocolate bars - when it comes to chocolate, having less of it is *not* more fun.

But there is definitely appeal in the miniature - and in having a whole one all to yourself. Plus small things just look cuter. So with that ultimate individual cake, the cupcake still ubiquitous (or dare we say it, on the wane), home bakers are realising they can use their cupcake pan to make more than just sponge.

Here are some of our favourites.



Baked eggs in bacon cups

Source: PopSugar

Cooking eggs in the oven is an especially good idea if you're cooking breakfast for a lot of people at once. Full fry ups are stressful, people!

Simply grease your pan, crack an egg into each well and bake until set to your preference.

For easy  finger food, step it up a notch by lining each hole with bread and / or ham or bacon first, or make mini omelettes either plain or fritatta style with the addition of cooked potato and veggies.



Make a miniature deep dish pizza by lining the well with pizza dough before loading up with sauce & toppings.

Any kind of pie can be made mini too - sweet or savoury, or make mini quiches - perfect for a picnic.

Whilst there's no denying the appeal of a big bowl of pasta, divvy it up into muffin trays and you've got perfect party food or a simple side. Try a mini mac and cheese, baked spaghetti swirls or little lasagnes.



Got some left over mash? Don't fry it up, pop it in your greased muffin pan for crusty mini mash portions. Or grate raw potato into the wells with a little onion for easy rosti or hashbrowns. Why not serve your hashbrowns with your oven baked eggs? More time to prep or socialise is always a winner in our eyes.



You can use your muffin tin to make individual brownies (great if you want to make a smaller mix for fewer servings) or make individual baked cheesecakes. Try a whole Oreo for the base instead of crushed biscuits. Nom.



Flip your pan over, mould cookie dough over the bottom of each (greased) cup then bake for yummy cookie cups. Perfect for filling with fruit or your favourite ice cream. You can also make taco bowls in a similar way. Arrange small tortillas in in the well in between 4 cups and then bake until crisp and lightly browned. Fill with taco fillings or salad.

cookie cups

Remember Lindy Boppers, if it's half the size you can eat twice as many 🙂

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