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How To Rock Lindy Bop In Winter

When winter slowly making an appearance, you may start wondering how to transition your favourite Lindy Bop looks from summer over to the incoming colder months. Well fear not. There is no reason for your favourite Lindy Bop swing dress, wiggle skirt or petticoat to go in to hibernation until the Spring. Taking some inspiration from all the lovely Autumnal looks we're starting to see on our Instagram page, I wanted to show you a few styling tips to give you a little something to think about. So search your wardrobe for your favourite Lindy Bop drop, and take a peek at some of these top tips.


Nothing says warm and cosy like knitwear. Wearing a cardigan or shrug is an instantaneous way to keep you snuggly, and also is a quick way to winter-up an outfit. Pick a colour that complements your dress, skirt, or top, or for a stand-out look, opt for a contrasting colour for a stand-out, knock-out look. Don't be put off by the richer colour schemes that may be more associated with this time of year. That doesn't mean that brighter and bolder choices need to be put on the back-burner. Knitwear like 'Mansfield' look great teamed with wiggle and swing skirts too.

And for when times get really cold, add an extra layer with a jacket or coat. A leather jacket adds a particularly retro feel, and looks great with both swing and wiggle styles. For a more flirty, feminine touch, you could try a faux fur jacket, swing coat or Princess coat.


So now you're all bundled up, with your knitwear, coat, tights and shoes in check. For a extra finishing touch, you can't go wrong with a hat, scarf or pair of gloves. Not only will these keep you toasty room, but they add a vintage flair too. Don a pair of velvet gloves and faux fur collar with your best evening dress and be draped in retro sophistication, or opt for a leather pair for a day out. And for super-chilly Winter days, channel retro Hollywood glamour and finish off your look with a cosy knitted beret.

Tights: If we were back in the 1940s, and nylon was still on ration, we would be drawing seams on the back of our legs and wearing "liquid" stockings. Nowadays, stockings of course are an everyday commodity. For a full vintage-inspired Winter look, you can pop on your favourite pair of stockings to keep your legs chill-free. But if you don't want to go down the nylon route, tights are now out there that emulate the look of stockings (some even with a back seam detail. How retro-chic!)

Shoes: If I'm getting ready for a night out at this time of year, I will not say "goodbye" to my heels until I absolutely have to. A good pair of Mary Janes or simply pumps will never let a girl down, and look good with just about any vintage-inspired dress. No need to totter - heels can be low, medium or high, so pick the height that's right for you. If Jack Frost comes a'knockin' and leaves the ground treacherous, a pair or brogues or cute flats are always a good option (preferably with lashings of grip if you're me!) But if these just aren't cutting the mustard, there is no reason why you can't throw a little modern day style in to the mix and wear a pair of your favourite ankle, calf or knee-high boots (dress or skirt hem dependent.)

Over on the Lindy Bop Instagram page there are lots of absolutely adorable winter-inspired looks coming in, so if you need some extra inspiration, head over there.

Ankle Grazers 

Of course, if or when you are totally defeated by the winter weather and need something more to keep chills at bay, you can't go wrong with a pair of ankle grazers. They look great with flats or heels, and super-cute with one of our knitwear pieces.

Check out how Nora Finds styled her Matilda dress with a Cally collar:
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What Lindy Bop looks do you love to rock in winter?

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