Iconic Prom Dresses from the Movies

According to recent research, these days girls spend longer shopping for their perfect prom dress than they do for their wedding dress. While it sounds crazy at first it does actually kinda make sense; a bride knows she will be the only one in the limelight, whereas at a prom hundreds of girls are competing to be the most fabulous. And just think of all the social media. *shudder*

We reckon another factor in the pressure to be super-stunning is all those killer prom dresses from the silver screen. It's always a big moment, when the heroine makes her entrance and all heads turn. What teeneage girl doesn't want that?

These are some of our favourite prom dresses from film.

Sandy - Grease

Squeaky clean Sandra Dee obviously had to wear virginal white; she's the kind of girl would never spill punch all over herself. Take a twirl in our ivory Ophelia>


Cha Cha - Grease

This bad gal may have had us sending laser beams of hate into our chunky old bedroom TV screens when she upstaged our Sandy at the high school prom, but boy could she dance. And her blue-frilled prom dress certainly helped her steal the show. Shop print Ophelia dresses>


Lorraine Baines - Back to the Future

Marty McFly's mom didn't just steal her future hubby's heart in her peachy pink prom dress, she stole ours too. Get the look in a soft pink lace Aleena dress>>


Kat Stratford - 10 Things I Hate About You

While Julia Stiles' character Kat is the heroine of this Shakespeare inspired flick, it's her pretty little sister's two piece that really had us all a-swoon. Shop petticoats>


Buffy - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie)

Way before the Joss Whedon series, a completely different Buffy was slaying vamps at her high school prom, wearing a kick-ass 80s prom dress and a leather jacket. Obvs.

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Hermione Grainger - Harry Potter

Obviously the fashions at Hogwarts are a little different to those here in the muggle world, but our Hermione sure did turn heads at the Yule Ball. Shop Madison dress>


Bella Swan - Twilight

She may not have sparkled quite so much as her vampiric beau, but the Bella's deep blue dress was just beautiful. We love how she teamed it with a creamy coloured shrug. Shop Grace dress>>



Do you have fond memories of your high school prom or ball? Was your dress dreamy?

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