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We’ve read that your grandmother was a big influence on you growing up – what are some of your favourite movies and music that she introduced you to from the 1950s period?

"I spent most of my time growing up with my Grandma. She was born in 1941 so her youth was spent in the best time period in my opinion. When I was little and she would go to the store she would always bring me back a movie she saw in her childhood. Classics, westerns, musicals, romances, she got them all for me. I lived off them. I broke my "Meet Me In St Louis" tape I watched it so much. I loved so many. Anything Judy Garland. I loved White Christmas, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, all the John Wayne movies. My favorite part was the women's wardrobe. So classy and beautiful. It wasn't just clothing. It was art. Art that portrayed women's bodies as the art that they were. The styles complimented women's shape so well. It was like nothing I had ever seen before due to my 1989 birth haha!
Music of the 40's and 50's was also a big thing she shared with me. She use to stand in the kitchen and tap for me while she sang some of the hits from her teen years! We also use to stay up late to watch those infomercials selling all of the oldies on cd. Every time she would hear a song, you could see the memory flash in her mind, and then I would get to hear the story. It was wonderful."


Judy Garland in 'Meet Me In St. Louis'

Do you prefer the classic vintage pin up look or the more edgy rockabilly look?

"I feel like I'm really split down the middle in this area. I love the classic look and it feeds a huge part of who I am. I've always been the only girl in my family to love dressing up and being girlie. I love every thing about the classic look and enjoy embracing. Although I'm really just a good ol' rockabilly girl at heart. I spend most of my days in what people would consider rockabilly style. I'm a girl that can handle business and since I work in a motorcycle shop that it's a lot easier to handle business in jeans and chucks lol. I like being both ways because both ways and both styles make up who I am."


Do you have any tattoos?

"Most people are surprised I don't have any. Now a days people assume when you say pinup that you have them but I have zero. I'm now recognized for not having any. I think tattoos are a beautiful way to display art or even turn yourself in to art. I love the alternative pinup side that allows women to embrace them in the culture. They just aren't something I want for myself. I've never seen anything that made me say "I want that on my body forever". Until then I will be a clean slate. Someday that might change. One thing that always bugs me is when people compliment me for not having them but at the same time insult women who do. They compare the two like one is better and I hate that. Tattooed women are just as ladylike and beautiful as women without. We are different not better."


Holly Butterfly print dress

Emily wears Lindy Bop Holly

Emily Dolls in Lindy Bop Ophelia dress

In beige floral Ophelia dress

Is there much of a pinup / vintage scene in Oklahoma?

"There use to be a huge rockabilly scene out here. Back when pinup hadn't become its own entity. It was just rockabilly and about cars and music. Now pinup has become so big it's branched off into almost its own culture. It has been crazy to witness. I wouldn't say it's big here. I would say there are local cliques in different cities. I think the loss of focus of rockabilly and the embracing of the music that created it has hurt the community here. It's more of a fashion focus than a music and culture focus so it's kind of disappeared. It's sad. Hopefully a new wave comes in. I know the ones that are true blue in the scene are still out there doing what they love no matter what and that's what matters"


Which are your current favourite Lindy Bop pieces?
"Coming at me with the hard questions now! Haha! I've never owned a dress that makes me feel the way Lindy Bop dresses do. Every style put out gives me such confidence when I wear them. It's like I'm on a catwalk every where I go. I think my favorites are the "Audrey" dresses though. They are so classic and feminine. They compliment the shape of a women and are just down right sexy!"


Emily wears a blue Audrey and an orange shrug

Being a blogger these days entails using lots of different social media – do you have a favourite channel? Which do you feel is the best for communicating with your fans?

"The amount of social channels you can have these days to be followed on is amazing. There are just so many! I started out on Facebook. I didn't even know what Facebook was but when I started modeling I was told that everyone that's a model or personality had "A Page!" So that's what I started, a Facebook page. I've been at this now for going on six years and I've kept to all the basics. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. Most of my sites are all connected that way the people who only use one don't miss out. My main use is Facebook and Instagram and of course my videos are all on YouTube. My favorite is Instagram though. It's so direct. I've had less negativity from it than any other feeds plus it's the easiest to talk to followers on. Facebook is hard to keep up with at times. I use to spend all of my free time trying to answer my messages but once my inbox it 5,000 messages I knew I couldn't handle it. I turned that off on my page. I would rather people have to email me than send me a message I never see and think I ignored them. I try to answer everyone. It can be challenging with as many followers. I want them to all know how much they matter."

You do some really fantastic photoshoots – were any particularly memorable for you?

"Thank you, I appreciate that. I can honestly say all of them carry their own memories for different reasons. I don't just shoot with anyone. I've had mostly good shoots and a few that turned bad due to unprofessionalism on the photographer's side but mostly all just great experiences. I am very picky with who I shoot with. My photographers are my friends. Each of them from my first shoot to all these years later have brought something positive into my life with each shoot. They've helped me learn about myself and the industry. They've given me confidence and guidance. Mostly they have offered me friendship. My main photographers that I shoot with regularly are dear friends. I am honored to work with all of them."

Vintage_Doll_Vivi_Dress_ Floral

Wearing a Lindy Bop Vivi dress

tumblr_njazlbmRqR1rriepyo1_500 - Copy

Front page news in pink polka dots

What was the first YouTube video you ever did and how did it go?

"Oh goodness YouTube videos were never something I saw myself ever doing! I'm so shy and I have anxiety so speaking and knowing people will watch it was hard for me to overcome. My followers were still small when I started but they all asked me to start doing videos. So I got brave and did it. My first video was just a hello video. It went well and they were excited to see me move and talk haha. Then my first official video was for Bombshell Blossoms. They were the first brand to ever have me promote for them. Her and I are still good friends. I made a video talking about her hair flowers. After that most were make up and hair related because that's what my followers wanted. Now after a few years one of my biggest platforms is my Monday Coffee video. I never just saw myself as a tutorial maker. I wanted my video to help me vocalize real issues and help others. So far it's been going well."

Check out Emily in one of her latest videos featuring Lindy Bop! (See 19.09 for outfits)

Have you ever been to the UK? 

"I have yet to make it to the UK, but it is on my to do list before I leave this earth. Some of my biggest followers are there. I love all of my UK followers so much!! My main focus if I ever make it there will be to set up a way to meet them all. They are so wonderful to me and I am thankful to share what I love with them. There are also very talented photographers there I would love to meet. Thanks to social media I get to view so much beauty there but would love to see it all up close."


What are your make-up bag go-to’s?

"I'm really easy when it comes to beauty products. I'm also a collector. I love trying all the new things but usually stick to my tried and trues! I have a huge make up box with fun things inside but it's all mostly do shoots and events. In my daily make up bag and things I always have to have are your pinup basics. I love Bèsame cream rouge, it stays put on me when most blush doesn't. Liquid liner! Of course that - so I can do my daily cat eyes, mascara and my brow marker to darken my eye brows. I have a million red lip products as well haha. I bounce between so many brands. I'm always changing. I love fun packaging though so I usually change products based on something that's out with cute packaging lol. Skin is most important. As long as you are taking care of that then your makeup is just a fun way to express yourself!

Thank you so much Emily!

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