Kahlua love: White Russian vs Black Russian

Kahlua! Ok so it may not have its own song like Tequila does but this coffee liqueur is still really rather special.

Drink it on the rocks, add it to your coffee or hot chocolate, or create one of these famous cocktails.

But which is your favourite?


White Russian

The chosen tipple of everyone's life hero 'The Dude' in the big Lebowski, the White Russian is a creamy cocktail which is sweet enough to be yummy but not so much as to be sickly.

Combine 2 parts vodka with 1 part Kahlua into a short glass filled with ice then pour on 3 parts milk or cream. You can float the cream onthe top for a two tone effect or stir in.


Black Russian

This is a drink made of stern stuff! As above but without the milk/cream. Give it a really good stir to melt the ice a little and drink slowly to avoid total inebriation.


V2: The Long Black Russian

Now a proper Black Russian contains no fizzy drinks whatsoever, but a variant known as the Long or Dirty Black Russian is also very popular where you make the same drink in a tall glass and top it up with coke. Sweet, refreshing and not quite so lethal.


So what'll it be for you?

White Russian or Black Russian?

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