LB talks to... The Glamophones

Would you like to introduce yourselves and the parts you all sing?

Hi! We are The Glamophones, a retro vocal harmony group from Birmingham, UK. We like to keep our sound fresh and so we often swap the harmony parts that we sing. Keeps it interesting for us too!

How would you describe your sound?

We’ve been described as a breath of fresh air in an old fashioned way, which we think sums us up perfectly. We try to make sure we capture the essence of the 1940’s and 1950’s sounds as well as adding vocal harmony to modern hits that people don’t expect.

How did you get together?

The three of us used to work front of house in a local theatre, selling ice creams and showing people to their seats. We became great friends and started singing together for fun. We started uploading videos to YouTube and it went from there.

Do you write your own arrangements?

We like to put our own slant on songs so we arrange the vocal parts together.

What are your favourite tracks from your set list?

Classics from the ultimate girl group, The Andrews Sisters such as ‘In The Mood’ and ‘Chattanooga Choo Choo’ are so much fun to sing! But we also love our own vocal harmony arrangement to Mark Ronson’s’ Uptown Funk’, that always gets people up dancing!

What are the best and worst things about being in a group?

The best thing is that we have so much fun together! We are three best friends having the time of our life. We get to dress up and sing our favourite songs and people enjoy it. There’s no better feeling!

There aren’t many downsides to be honest. Trying to do your victory rolls at 5am for an early gig can be a bit testing though!

Any funny gig moments?

Ha! So many. But one thing that comes to mind is when we performed at a bingo club and halfway through our set there was a power cut! We were plunged into darkness and of course our music stopped and our mics stopped working, so we started a bit of a singalong with everyone joining in. It was really funny.

What’s been the highlight of your musical career to date?

We’ve been so lucky in that we’ve had so many amazing opportunities. Performing on BBC One earlier this year on a Saturday night show called ‘Frank Sinatra Our Way’ is definitely one of our proudest moments. The whole process was like a dream come true, seeing ourselves on TV and having an audience of millions was so surreal.

We’ve also recently returned from a gig in Bahrain, which was incredible. Being able to travel and perform is so exciting!

Who are your style icons?

We love the style of the classic pin ups like Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe, such beauties. But we also love the fact that modern women are putting their own retro stamp on things, such as Imelda May and Paloma Faith. The vintage look is timeless.

What are your current favourite styles from Lindy Bop?

We absolutely love the Lexi floral dress! It’s been our go to dress when performing at summer weddings. The Vanessa wiggle dresses are so flattering and are unbelievably comfortable to wear. We also love the look of the new Henrietta wiggle dresses; those might be next on our shopping list!


The girls wearing Lexi (limited stock left) Photo credit: Kris Askey

You always look so gorgeous. Do you have any hair/ beauty tips / secrets?

Wow, thank you so much! Our top tips for creating a vintage hairdo is definitely getting yourself a backcomb brush. These are really handy for creating height on your victory rolls. To get classic curls, use a setting spray before curling and then pin the curls in (we use hair grips) pop a head scarf on until you’re ready to release the beautiful curls to the world!


Wearing Cecelia - now available in black. Photo credit: Kris Askey


We’d have to say, hard work really does pay off. We’ve spent day in, day out, following our Glamophones dreams, and it really is paying off for us. Enjoy every moment of it and take every chance you get, you never know where it may lead.


Thanks ladies!

Why not have listen to them over on YouTube?

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