Lovely Lindy Bop Daytime Looks

Now that we can spot spring slowing coming up on the horizon, are you starting to think about pulling out those brighter, bolder Lindy Bop dresses that you have put in to hibernation during the winter, ready to take for a twirl when the weather gets better? With so many pretty prints, and cute and colourful designs, knowing how to transition your look in to a new season, and just how to style a darling day time look may be a little tricky. With that in mind, and taking inspiration from all the stunning spring outfits we're starting to see appear on our Instagram page, here are some style ideas on how to rock a lovely Lindy Bop daytime look.
















If there is still a little bit of a chill in the air, pairing a piece of knitwear with your favourite skirt, dress, or ankle grazers will not only look super-cute, but will keep you cosy too. Choose a colour that complements the main colours of your outfit. Take inspiration from the pretty blooms that will be starting to appear, or those gorgeous colourful tones that start to spring up at this time of year and go for something striking, or stick to neutral tones and bring out some colour in your accessories.

When the temperature starts to creep up, and your trusted winter coat becomes a little too warm to wear, opt for something lighter that will still keep the chills at bay. If you pick a dress or skirt with a print that really stands out, a block coloured coat or jacket will really let that pattern do all the talking.

Shoes & Accessories

Shoes: Whatever type of shoe you choose should come completely down to your comfort levels. You simply cannot go wrong with a pair of flats to finish off your fabulous outfit, or if you prefer it, strut your stuff in a pair of heels. We've also seen some really cute Lindy Bop looks styled with boots! The options are endless. If you want to wear your outfit with a pair of heels, a pair of Mary-Janes or classic pumps will always look great with a vintage-inspired look. Or add a little touch of something more modern with a pair of Chelsea or ankle boots.

Tights: Whether you decide to go for a full-on fabulous vintage-inspired look or thrown in a modern twist to your look, if you can't stand to sense the chill on your legs, you can't go wrong with a pair or stockings or tights. Plain, patterned, or something really novel - there will be something out there to suit everyone's personal style. If you pick a plain, block colour dress or outfit, add a dash of pizazz with a patterned pair of tights. For outfits that are bold and bright, with a super-fun print, deciding to go for a simpler choice will really let your dress speak for itself.

For more inspiration for styling your delightful day time looks, head over to our Instagram page. And if you have a look you love and want to be featured, don't forget to tag your photos with #LindyBopLove too.

What's your favourite Lindy Bop piece to rock during the day?

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