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Managing Your Morning Routine

There is a famous saying out there - "the early bird catches the worm." Well, I don't know about you, but no matter how many good intentions there are, it can still be really difficult to jump out of bed and greet the morning with that much enthusiasm, especially when mornings are still so dark, and all you want to do is stay snuggled under the blanket and switch the alarm to snooze. By the time you do stumble out of bed, thinking there is loads of time to get everything done, you end up running around, spilling milk down your crisp white shirt, and leaving the house with a rather fetching bird's nest on top of your head.

Although we can't make mornings disappear (we wish,) there are some things that we all can do to try and make our mornings that little bit more manageable...

Pre-prepare Lunch



It may not be the highest thing on your list of things to do when you get in from a long day, but something that will really help to save time in the morning. Instead of trying to spread butter on your handbag through bleary morning-eyes, prep your lunch the night before. Then pop it in the fridge (in a super obvious place,) and you're all good to go in the morning.

Organise your wardrobe and drawers


This might take some time but will be so worth it. Once all your clothes are in order, getting ready in the morning will be so much easier, and last minute outfit changes will be must less flustering experience Read our blog post for tips on organising your wardrobe here.

Lay It Out

nothing to wear

How much time have we lost standing in front of our wardrobe each morning agonising over just what to wear? It's a real time-sapper! So instead, decide what you are going to wear the night before. Hang it up ready to reach for, and in the morning, you won't be stuck with tricky decision making, or wondering exactly why you are wearing odd socks and a festive jumper in January!

Basically Beautiful


If you find yourself pressed for time, try and keep your skin and make up routine to a minimum. Have everything you want to use ready so that it is easy to find in the morning, and if you find it difficult to wake up quickly, keep tricky steps for when you are able to take your time, and are really able to appreciate the finished result.

Thinking Time



This may be quite a tricky tip, but one that is really important. Having time to really wake up and get ready for the day ahead will not only mean you are more prepared, but will help you rationalise all the things you know you need to do so that when the time comes, you have a plan of attack. This time could be whilst you're eating your breakfast, drinking your coffee, or even a quiet moment on the way in to work. Making a list if you have a lot to do can also really help give you a clear idea of all the things you need to achieve, and can really give you a motivational "Oh yeah" feeling when you can tick them off.

 Think A Happy Thought


Mornings can be difficult - especially if you have a lot to do, or loads to think about. We can get suckered in to dwelling on how early it is, and in a general massive fluster. Getting in to a positive mindset is really important, and whereas we might not get there all the time, having positive thoughts can help set us up for a happy, productive day. Whether it's a memory, a goal, or something that you are looking forward to. Write it down, put it in your pocket, and have it there to remind you that there is always something to smile about (even if it's not an early-morning wake up call!)

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