The Margarita - a cocktail you can cook with

22nd Feb is Margarita Day, but to be honest, who needs an excuse to enjoy this delicious classic cocktail?

To make the original margarita, combine 2 measures of Tequila with 1 measure of lime juice and the same of Cointreau or Triple Sec. Shake with ice and then pour carefully into a salt rimmed glass. A taste sensation!

However, lovers of the tequila / lime / salt combo will no doubt be delighted to learn that you can use this powerhouse of flavours in your cooking as well as your cocktails. How about trying some of these?


Margarita Chicken

The trick here is the margarita marinade. You can use it on chicken breasts to be grilled or griddled or why not try it on chicken wings or drumsticks? Simply combine a good splash of tequila, honey, the zest and juice of an orange and a couple of limes, then add lots of salt and pepper plus some crushed garlic. Depending on your preferences you can also add in some chillies and coriander too. Leave to marinade in the fridge ideally overnight then after grilling to a  slightly blackened finish serve with an extra squeeze of lime and some sea salt. (Always ensure chicken is properly cooked through before eating.)


Margarita Fish Tacos

Why not try using the same marinade mix on your favourite white fish? Serve in crunchy tacos or soft tortillas with Mexican accompaniments like fried onions & peppers, salsa, guacamole and spicy rice.


Margarita Cupcakes

Sweet tooth? The zingy flavours of a margarita are the perfect counter to a sugary cupcake. Simply add lime juice to your sponge mix the same way you'd make a lemon sponge, then make a buttercream with added lime juice, salt and tequila. Garnish with a small slice of lime, a touch of grated zest, and if you're feeling fancy, a mini cocktail umbrella or straw.


Margarita Cheesecake

Give a classic citrus cheesecake a twist by swapping the lemon for orange and lime. Decorate the top with orange segments that have been soaked in tequila and cointreau and make sure you use digestive biscuits with salted butter for the base to give that salty contrast.

What your favourite way with a margarita? 😉

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