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Neat & Nifty Storage Solutions

With a new year now upon us, it can be a very welcome and much-needed opportunity to have a bit of a home spruce-up and spring clean. Go through the mountain of accumulated bits and bobs and have a bit of an organisational refresh. Not only will our homes be tidy, but it can also help us feel a bit more revitalised too.

You don't need to spend a fortune on organisation and storage solutions. As a big fan of up-cycling, here are some of my top ideas for DIY home storage solutions that are affordable, accessible, and use items that can be found in and around the house.

Tin Can Utensil Holder

Take a look in your kitchen cupboard and you are likely to find something to eat stored in a tin can. But instead of throwing away empty packaging to be recycled, how about turning it in to a new means of storing those utensils that don't quite fit in to that drawer, and are at the moment homeless? Make sure the empty can has a clean edge with no sharp bits sticking up. Wash thoroughly (nobody wants to reach for a stenchy, sticky spatula) and leave to dry.  Peel off any paper wrapping, or carefully leave it on for extra kitsch decoration. Or, if you're feeling super-crafty, pick up a paint brush and apply a layer or two of your favourite colour paint, or one that fits in with your kitchen décor.

Image Source: The Style Calvary

Image Source: The Style Calvary

Old Candles for Make Up Brushes

This is something I have done myself, and can highly recommend if you have a candle you have absolutely loved. There are two different ways to remove the wax left at the bottom of the jar.

  • Use boiling water: Place the jar carefully in to a pan of boiling water, or, alternatively, pour some boiling water in to the jar itself. This will cause the wax to melt, leaving a squeaky clean jar ready to be re-purposed. Be very careful with this technique - the jar will become hot. Oven gloves definitely are recommended!
  • Freeze the jar: Simply pop the candle jar in to the freezer overnight. The wax will freeze, making it easy to crack with a butter knife, or to be coaxed out gently. Remove the wax from the jar and give it a quick rinse to remove any residue. Et voila. You're good to go.

The jar can be up-cycled to store make up brushes, hair ties, nail varnish, craft supplies, or any little bits and bobs that are in need of a home.

Shoebox Storage

Empty shoeboxes make great storage solutions. From a place to put stationary, spices, beauty supplies...Either keep the box as it is, or use it as an opportunity to get artsy, crack out the craft supplies and get decorating. I've torn out pretty pictures from magazines to pretty-up boxes I've used in the past, but you could paint them, stick on sparkles, or use wrapping paper for a cute-sy touch.

Image Source: HGTV.com

Image Source: HGTV.com


A Base For Bobby Pins

A lot of us know the feeling - we start out with a whole mountain of bobby pins, shiny and new, and gradually, the Bobby Pin fairy comes along and hides them. Then, before we know it we are left with only a few pins, which just won't be enough for when we have that unwelcome "bad hair day." To try and keep all your pins together, how about using an empty sweet packet (with a lid of course.) Not only will this mean that all your stash is kept together, but if you put the packet in an easily accessible place, the likelihood of putting pins back in at the end of the day might be higher. This is a great opportunity to use those decorating skills as well to make your new bobby pin base a bit more fancy.

Got any top storage ideas? Do let us know!

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