Old Fashioned Kinda Girl: 3 twists on the classic cocktail

We love a cocktail here at Lindy Bop, but not everyone wants heaps of sugary fizz and fruit all the time. Short whiskey cocktails are not just for the gents (and they make us feel like we're in Mad Men) so let's take a look at one of the classics - the Old Fashioned. It's really easy to make - and doesn't need heaps of ingredients or equipment, you can make it all in the glass.

all i want is adrink

To make a traditional Old Fashioned cocktail, first shake a couple of dashes of bitters onto a sugar cube in a short tumbler (brown sugar is extra yummy), then add a splash of club soda or plain water. Crush up the cube with a muddling stick - or whatever you have to hand - and swirl around the glass to dissolve. Then add one large ice cube and your choice of bourbon or rye whiskey (1.5 - 2 oz). Finish with a slice of orange or a curl of peel - and if you're feeling fancy, a cheeky cherry 🙂

Now you've got the classic down it's time to mix things up:



Mmm chocolate... need we say more?

Simply swap the regular bitters for chocolate bitters (lots of spicy Aztec versions are available) or stick with the classic Angostura bitters and add a wee splash of your favourite chocolate liqueur - we love Mozart dark chocolate.

For a chocolate orange version add extra peel, twisting it to spray the orange oil into the glass, or add a tiny touch of Cointreau or Triple Sec.

The Old Fashioned is not a sweet cocktail, even with the addition of the cocoa flavour, but if it's not to your palate just add extra sugar or a little sugar syrup (gomme). Or try...



Because maple syrup tastes good with everything.

Simply switch the sugar cube for half a shot of maple syrup. Add the water at the end to taste only if necessary - or use smaller ice cubes and stir well to melt into the drink a little.

Go full on sweet'n' salty by crushing up bacon candy then mixing with the maple syrup to start.



Replace the whiskey with your favourite dark rum. Ooh arr me hearties!


Are you a fan of the Old Fashioned? How do you like yours?

Cheers Don!

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