Plastic Bottle DIYs

If cereal forms one of the main food groups in your household then you'll get through a fair few of these bad boys.


And whilst most of us have got pretty good at recycling these days, there's more than one way to make sure your trash doesn't end up in landfill. Turn it into something else!



What an easy way to make a watering can! Simply piece holes in the lid with a sewing needle or nail (taking care of course Lindy Boppers).


Growing plants from seeds or seedlings is really cheap - but pretty pots, sadly are not. Get creative with your milk cartons whether for indoor or outdoor and you'll have a proliferation of planters for next to nothing.

cat planter from plastic bottle

Source: The Whoot


We love how creative these milk bottle storage baskets are - especially the way the handles are used to make the little tails on the cats! But if your cutting skills don't quite, well, cut it, simply cut the plastic bottle in half in a straight line then paint, cover in fabric or wrap with string or yarn.

swan storage container from plastic bottle


Using the handle or the spout extended out into a handle, a plastic milk bottle can make a pretty effective scoop or dustpan. You can even make a catch ball game for the kids.

plastic bottle scoop

Source: Recycle, Eh?


If you're feeling really creative, have a go at making this dapper chap! For those not in possession of mad scissor-skills, these spooky luminaries are easy peasy. You just need to cut one small flap then all you need is a Sharpie and some fairy lights.

milk bottle skeleton diy


Sadly though, some bottles were simply not destined to ever be pretty, like Voldemilk here...

evil milk


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