Print Match Bridesmaids

We just love how these days so many of the so-called 'rules' around weddings are being thrown out of the window. Once upon a time no one would ever have dreamed of deviating from having exactly matching bridesmaids in identical dresses in the same plain colour.

But now creative brides are mixing it up. We're seeing bridesmaids dresses all the same style but different colours, and now also different styles but the same print. Or why not choose any combination of complementary styles? Especially when you have a lot of bridesmaids, you can choose colours and shapes to suit each of your friends but still create a group that looks stunning altogether. Because, h=after all, we're not all stamped form the same cookie cutter - and isn't it nice to give your besties a dress they'll love and wear time and time again?

Here are some of our favourite combos.

Rainforest print>
vanessa-pink-rainforest-wiggle-dress-p1559-11539_zoom - Copy - Copyophelia-tropical-pink-rainforest-print-swing-dress-p1572-11578_zoom - Copy - Copy  vivi-pink-rainforest-floral-dress-p1788-12756_zoom - Copy (2)

Beige spring floral>

audrey-beige-floral-dress-p38-13602_zoomvanessa-beige-floral-wiggle-dress-p1944-13677_zoom - Copy ophelia-vintage-1950s-floral-beige-spring-garden-party-picnic-dress-p178-936_image

Mocha polka dot>

mary-ellen-brown-polka-dot-swing-jive-dress-p1423-11160_zoom carola-black-halter-neck-flared-swing-party-jive-dress-p271-3265_zoom candy-mocha-polka-dot-swing-dress-p2178-14724_zoom

Crochet print>

daria-crochet-print-swing-dress-p1549-12074_zoom grace-crochet-print-swing-dress-p1853-13470_zoom vanessa-crochet-print-wiggle-dress-p1968-13753_zoom

Sarah-Jane and David chose a fabulous combination of floral Audrey and Ophelia dresses as seen at the top of the page. Flattering for everyone and so colourful!

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