Rainbow Rolls; Cute 'n' Colourful Vintage Hair

Victory rolls. We love 'em. A sure fire way to make any girl feel gorgeous and glamorous - and the perfect complement to a Lindy Bop dress might we add.

But some ladies just take it to the *next level*. We present to you, victory rolls and retro do's in all colours of the rainbow, from ravishing red to ultra violet. Get ready for some serious hair envy girls...






But why stop at just one shade? Special shout out to the ladies that choose the whole rainbow, pin up models Amelia Nightmare and Caitlin Von Kirsch.

So pretty!

Would you dye your 'do' a bold hue?
If you want further hairspo, check out our vintage hair Pinterest board.

All images sourced via Pinterest. Click images for original sources where available. If you know of any original sources that we don't please let us know πŸ™‚


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