A St Paddy's Day Celebration!

St Patrick's Day honours of the patron saint of Ireland. The 'wearing of the green' is traditional, which is just dandy for lovers of Lindy Bop as there are lashings of gorgeous green creations to choose from at Lindy Bop.

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Once you've got your outfit sorted, you need to decide on what's for dinner!

There are lots of hearty traditional Irish meals to choose from; Irish stew, Irish potato pancakes (called boxty) or perhaps a beef in Guinness pie? You could always just put a spin on your side dishes by swapping your mash for champ (mash with spring onion) or colcannon (mash with cabbage or kale) or serve a little soda bread with your meal. One of the Lindy Bop team is an ex-chef and he's whipped up an original recipe for you right here.

To drink? Well it has to be a glass of the black stuff doesn't it? If you're not a fan, Blue Bols and fresh orange juice makes a fabulously green drink. Or why not try a 'mini Guinness' shooter; float a layer of Irish cream on top of of your favourite  coffee liqueur in a shot glass using the back of a teaspoon. Looks and tastes divine!

mini g


If (like us) you'll take any excuse for a bit of baking or a naughty treat, here are some fabulous creations you could whip up. These are so easy that anyone could whip them up...

Mint choc chip cookies

Add a dash of peppermint essence and green food colouring to your favourite choc chip cookie mix. Dark chocolate is delicious with the mint. Full recipe>>



Chocolate pretzel shamrocks

These look so fab, but all it takes is a 3 pretzel chips dipped in melted white chocolate tinted green poured. Gotta love that salty /  sweet combination. These also look great without the food colouring. If you just fancy decoarting something pre-made, 3 green smarties and a short stem makes a great shamrock too! Pretzel pops source


Choc dipped strawberries

So simple, so yummy! If dying chocolate or using candy melts is too much fuss use just use normal chocolate and decorate with green sprinkles.

choc strawb

Have yourselves a great day Lindy Boppers!

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