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Super-Sweet Crafts For Your Valentine

With Valentine's Day peeking out from round the corner, how many of you have started thinking about what you might get your Valentine this year? If you enjoy getting creative, how about putting together something completely bespoke? Give to your other half, best friend, or family member as a reminder of how special they are.

Image Source: Spoonful Of Flair

Image Source: Spoonful Of Flair


Say It With Chocolate

Perfect for the person in your life with a sweet tooth, DIY chocolate hearts are a really easy present to make that can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want (depending on the quality of the ingredients.) Break up a large bar of chocolate (dark, milk, or white depending on your preference) and place in a heat-proof bowl. Melt the chocolate in a bain marie until melted, stirring gently. Once smooth, carefully pour in to each individual mould of a silicone tray. Wiggle the tray until the chocolate is level, and place in the fridge to cool. Once completely solid, take out of the tray and present in a box or bag to your loved one. If they are a big chocoholic, or lovely a tasty treat, this is definitely a winner!

Want to make your chocolates a little more luxurious and extra tasty? Why not pop some sprinkles or miniature chocolates to the bottom of each mould?

the rays of sunshine

Image Source: The Rays Of Sunshine

12 Months of Dates

This one is really simple to put together, and one you can really put a lot of thought in to. All you need is an empty jar, and some really good ideas. On twelve clean lolly-sticks/pieces of paper, write a variety of date ideas for you and your other half. Dedicate some time once a month, pull one of the date ideas at random out the jar, and set some time aside to spend with each other. Plan to re-visit meaningful places, favourite restaurants, or to try new activities. It can be as affordable or luxurious as you want - it's entirely up to you.

And you don't just have to give this to a partner. You could think of ideas of things to do with your best friend, or a family member, taking time out to spend with each other and rekindle your friendship. Especially good for those you don't see so often - something to really look forward to, and that will create some really special memories.

Image Source: Trial By Oven

Image Source: Trial By Oven

Romantic Gift Hamper

Picking up a pre-made gift basket or hamper full of goodies is a really good idea, but if you want to create something really bespoke and ultra-personal, this is your opportunity. Getting your hands on an inexpensive basket or cardboard box (a shoebox would work just as well for this) is relatively simple, and then you can get to work on filling it up with all the goodies and treats your loved one just can't get enough of.

You could give your gift hamper a theme - put one together for a movie night, at-home spa session, or include individually wrapped gifts that appeal to the interests and hobbies of the recipient. The options are endless! Get your thinking cap on, and have fun with this one.

Image Source: Morning Creativity

Image Source: Morning Creativity

Scrabble Art

If you want to show off your super crafty side, this idea could be the one for you. Scrabble chips are easy to find on the internet, and picture frames can be found for a relatively inexpensive amount if you don't want to break the bank. Grab yourself some double-sided tape and a ruler and you can get started. It's probably a good idea to sort out the letters in to different piles, just so you know what you're working with. If you're in doubt or you are afraid of running out of letters, you can always purchase more!

Arrange your letters on the frame and ensure everything is straight using a ruler (to be extra sure you could draw out guide lines beforehand.) Double check everything is where you want it to be, then start to tape the letters down on to the frame. Et voila. You're piece of art is all ready to be wrapped up and given to your loved one.

An optional extra, but not necessary, is choosing a piece of wallpaper or wrapping paper to line the back of the frame. This will be not only an additional decorative touch, but another element that can be made really personal. If you decide to do this, glue this on to the frame and leave to dry before arranging any letters.

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