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The Little Black Dress

Ah the little black dress. If there ever was a wardrobe classic, the LBD is it.

So versatile, so timeless, so chic.

Dress it up, dress it down. Keep it minimal or use it as a blank canvas to show off your best accessories.

But how did it become such an icon?

In the early 1900's black was almost exclusively considered only for mourning attire, which had to be worn for a two year period. Coco Chanel began to change all that from 1915 onwards with the introduction of the little black dress. This 'new uniform' was simple, elegant and made dressing no longer about the display of wealth. When a calf length Chanel LBD appeared in American Vogue in 1926, the dress secured its place in fashion history, dubbed "Chanel's Ford" because of its accessibility and appeal across the classes.

The LBD has been popular ever since and has seen many iterations and incarnations, but perhaps the most famous of all came in 1961 when Audrey Hepburn wore the now immortal Givenchy black dress as Holly Golightly in the opening scenes of Breakfast at Tiffany's.


Get the look:



Audrey is famous for not one but two iconic LBD's. This stunning flared style as seen in Sabrina was the inspiration for our own Audrey dress.

audrey hepburn black dress sabrinaaudrey-black-satin-prom-dress-p875-9374_zoom


Another contender in the iconic black dress stakes is Jean Seburg's LBD in Bonjour Tristesse. So pretty! Get the look with a Lindy Bop Ada dress and black petticoat.


Do you have a favourite famous LBD?

Wednesday Addams black

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