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Top 5 Things To Love About Winter

There's no doubt about it, winter is definitely my most favourite time of year. Everything just seems so magical, and I don't even mind getting up early and coming home from work with it being dark outside. There just seems to always be something in the air that just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. But pinning down exactly what it is that I love about this season compared to any other is quite tricky. With so many fabulous and festive things to choose from, here are top five things to love about this time of year!

Cosy Clothing

There's no better feeling than bundling up warm and heading out in the wintery weather. As a person who is nearly always chilly, I can usually be found huddled in a blanket or with an extra layer of clothing close at hand, so at this time of year there is every excuse to go all out - cute knitwear, cosy socks, scarfs, hats and gloves. I just can't get enough of feeling super snug.

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Christmas Markets

Living in a city and working in a city, Christmas markets are always something to look forward to. Perusing all the stalls, smelling the delicious food, and sometimes indulging in a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie (or two) attending a Christmas market is a sure-fire way to kick-start the festive spirit.

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Image Source: BBC Food

Image Source: BBC Food


Comfort Food

Food at this time of year is just the best! On top of the festive treats that start to be sold, it's the best time of year to crack out the crock pot or fire up the cooker and whip up some winter grub. Stews, pies and soups are a regular occurance, topped off with a mug of steaming hot chocolate to keep those cockles extra warm. And the best bit? Leftovers! So if days feel really dark, and you come in from the cold and would really rather curl up in front of the fire, there will be a little tub of something scrumming waiting for you to heat back up.

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Festive Parties

Having an excuse to talk a fabulous frock for a twirl on the dance floor is fantastic. During winter there always seems to be a plethora of parties going on, so there's every excuse to get glam and put on your favourite party dress. So of course, there are always extra reasons to do a little bit of cheeky shopping.

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Winter Walks

Being outdoors at winter time is something spectacular. When Autumn bids farewell, and winter wanders in, you are left with the crisp, crunchy fallen leaves on the ground that make the most sensational sound, and look brilliant. Jack Frost's sparkling calling card makes everything seem so magical, and of course, snow is always spectacular to see flurry down from the skies (if you have nowhere you need to go of course.) Taking a winter walk with friends and family when you're wrapped up warm, seeing what wildlife you can spot and taking in the atmosphere makes you really appreciate how beautiful everything looks. And then coming home to a tasty treat and a steaming mug of something marvelous is always a great way to end the day.

What are your favourite things about winter?

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