What does your favourite flower say about you?

Every girl has her favourite flower, you know - the ones that  bring an extra big smile to your face if someone buys you a bunch - or that you like to treat yourself to (and why not?) But what does your fave say about you?


Quintessentially British, there are over 13,000 varieties of rose so unsurprisingly, the rose print is one of the most popular florals featured on our Lindy Bop dresses. Classic, always in style and effortlessly chic, the rose print adds a feminine touch to Lindy Bop dresses and skirts, whether you prefer pretty pinks or daring reds.


If your favourite flower is a rose:
  • You’re passionate and a true romantic, relationships are often deep and meaningful
  • A positive person, you try to bring out the best in others
  • Tradition is important to you, maybe you're sometimes a touch old-fashioned
  • Perfectionist in all you do
  • You love to feel feminine and fabulous




Spring flowers are so special, the way they only pop up when the weather starts to get sunnier again. Tulips make a gorgeous print for vintage style skirts and dresses.


If your favourite flowers are tulips:
      • You’re a sensitive soul and a deep thinker
      • Sweet, kind and caring
      • A good listener who gives good advice - a true friend
      • Family is very important to you
      • You prefer fewer close relationships to a wide circle of friends
      • You work hard and always give your all




Could there be a cheerier flower than the sunflower? Simple yet striking with that unmistakable yellow colour, a sunflower print dress cannot be ignored.


  • Happy, cheerful, warm and approachable
  • Lots of energy and enthusiasm- your presence can light up the room
  • You have a bubbly and energetic personality
  • You have lots of friends and make friends easily thanks to your confident and sunny disposition
  • May like the limelight a little too much
  • Dedicated to something when you set your mind to it




Dahlias, and their close cousins, chrysanthemums have long been a favourite in gardens and vases across Britain. Their long lasting blooms will bring joy long after many flowers fade.

If your favourite flower is a dahlia:

  • You're strong, independent
  • A practical person who likes to get things done
  • You're loyal, committed and people can rely on you
  • Though you give out an unflappable exterior you have hidden depths and may surprise people
  • A graceful and elegant dresser


Lindy Bop has lots more floral prints to pick from:


For more floral fabulousness, check out our Pinterest board 'Bloomin' Lovely'.



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